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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arbor Day

It's not actually Arbor Day and I'm certainly not going to be planting any trees today. But it will feel like Arbor Day with my tribute to some of the amazing trees at the Washington Park Arboretum here in Seattle. While I absolutely loved the Japanese Maples scattered throughout the park the most, with their dramatic color and full, layered branches, there were many other types of trees to be seen.

Don't you love the intense texture variations in this tree?

The above tree is Prunus serrula, the Paperbark Cherry tree from Southwest China. The bark on this tree peels away like a plastic film and was beautiful to behold in person on close inspection. At the same time, it wasn't much to look at from a distance. Nothing like this tree...

I love how the arms seem to branch out and up somewhat evenly and then irregularly. What do the trees look like in your area right now? Are they exhibiting beautiful fall colors or have they already entered their winter slumber?

Eric Lovelin Photography


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