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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Burst of Color

At my recent college reunion, I was speaking with a friend about photography and she commented that she just loved seeing the images on my blog because I didn't shy away from showing color. As I've previously discussed, I do love many things about black and white images, particularly their ability to show contrast and textures you might miss in a color image. But I have to agree with my classmate that there is something magical about an image bursting at the seams with color.

I wouldn't say the above image falls at the top of the stack for most colorful images I've posted here, especially considering those bright and bold afternoons I spent photographing San Miguel de Allende. Nevertheless, I love the little pop of color, an attempt at changing for Autumn, one leaf at a time! Plus, what's not to love about the radial geometry of this plant?
Eric Lovelin Photography


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