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Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Remember that awfully catchy song that radio stations loved to play incessantly in the late 90s? Sure you do - it was an early auto-tuned song from an Italian group with relatively little musical talent but a lot of trance club appeal. Their song has little to do with the pictures I'm sharing with you today, except for the song featured a color in its title and that same color is pervasive in these images and even in the name of the subject matter, blueberries.

I'm extremely excited to get my hands on some more Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farms produce. As we walked through the rows of blueberries, some riper than others, you'll never imagine how different each variety tastes. Some have a big sweet flavor, while others are more subtle and tart. When you purchase your clamshell at the grocery store, you're getting a mixture of whatever berries are most ripe at that particular time.

And, as in the above pictures, always make sure your blueberries have a good frost on the outside as that's a natural preservative and shows less handling and cold storage time if present. That means fresh and delicious!

I plan on stopping by the farmer's market tomorrow to pick up some fresh blueberries, picked and sorted by skilled workers. Also, I hope to get a few bags of seconds (called pie bags) to make delicious jam and some baked treats. I'm thinking Lemon Blueberry Crumb Bars or perhaps a Blueberry Lime Loaf Cake. Delicious right?

Eric Lovelin Photography


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