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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Smells

While there's lots to love about harvesting the bounty of your garden, it's also fun just to walk through the garden and experience the olfactory joys that come with it. Where is that amazing mint smell coming from? Wow - those tomatoes must be ripe. And the scent of fresh basil on your fingertips after brushing your hand across the green (or maybe purple) leaves. I haven't cooked or baked with the basil from our garden yet, but I've photographed it. And I can tell you what I'm ready to make with it, since I am sure you were going to ask...

I am dying to make Lemon Basil Tartelettes courtesy of the Tartelette blog. They don't look particularly difficult, and the effort is worth the deliciousness in the end. Instead of a sweet lemon tartelette, the citrus filling is infused with basil, giving a great depth to the pastry. I'll keep you posted on their tastiness when they've finally been baked in the near future.

Eric Lovelin Photography


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