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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing Up Quickly

After titling this blog entry, I realized that it could have to do with any number of topics which I've recently captured on digital film. Maybe it's the occasion of Molly's younger sister's graduation from college this past weekend and the party that followed. But actually it has to do with the dog that Molly's parents got for Christmas, Birdy. She has grown up quickly, not only in her demeanor and daily behaviors, but also in size. As chocolate labs tend to do, she grew quickly, sometimes seeming to double in size overnight. Well, not quite, but we could've sworn that we saw her getting bigger.

Well she's just about full grown now, if her mother is any estimate of her final size. And she's just as playful and lovable as she was at Christmas, though she tends to cuddle and nap a bit less than she used to. Enjoy these photos!

Eric Lovelin Photography


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