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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Friend

Who doesn't love a little surprise? Especially one that results in a few great photographs. I'm not talking about a surprise party, necessarily, but rather an unexpected occurrence in our back yard recently. Upon walking out our back door onto the patio, I noticed Drifter and the cat intently staring at something, seemingly waiting to terrorize whatever it was that had captured their attention. It turned out to be a defenseless young squirrel, trapped near the base of a tree in our back yard. After pulling the animals away, Mr. Squirrel slowly scurried up the tree, found a safe crook, and remained there frightened and frozen. Before coaxing him down, I did what most would do and grabbed my camera to take advantage of this still creature.

After a few snapshots, I lured Mr. Squirrel out of the tree while our domesticated animals were stored safely in the house. To my surprise, Mr. Squirrel decided to follow me across the yard. Afraid of possible vengeance, I played it safe and was able to direct my new little friend through a gate into the adjacent walnut orchard, thanking him for his brief career as a model and the resulting images he helped produce.

Eric Lovelin Photography


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