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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Collecting, or Hoarding

We used to call them collectors. But when you stop collecting one specific item--say postage stamps or coins or old Playboy magazines--I think it becomes hoarding, collecting for the sake of not being able to throw anything away. In an effort to have cool props to place in the background of food photography and other shots I'm taking, Molly and I set out to do some collecting of our own. Don't worry - all the items are in one bag, organized, not making a mess.

Pittock Mansion - Silver Serving Set

You might have seen one or two of the objects in my post from Monday. The background featured an old tarnished creamer and there were two gold penguins near the foreground by the rosemary apricot bars. They're interesting enough to belong in the photo and give it a little story, but not enough to detract from the main item I'm shooting. Above you'll see a silver serving set I photographed in Portland's Pittock Mansion. While the glasses are too ornate for me, I love the unique shape of the silver pitcher. I think it'd be a bit much for an image though. You never know though until you try!
Eric Lovelin Photography


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