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Friday, November 5, 2010

More Zombies

While reviewing the more than 900 photos I captured at Thrill the World 2010, it was difficult to narrow down my choices, though disposing of blurry photos and bad composition is always a good first step. In the end, I settled with a little over 200 photos which then required a great deal of further review and editing. Some people talk a lot about this process, but I instead choose to focus on the end product. If you'd love to hear more about my editing process, feel free to ask. But for now, let's get back to some of the great captures of numerous zombies I snapped in Downtown Chico.

I took many photos of this gentleman last year, and was happy to see he brought his enthusiasm back this year, with a festive umbrella and all.

Meet under the Umbrella

These women were a blast to watch. No amount of rain was going to keep them from having a blast. They'd dressed up, put on their zombie faces, and were determined. It shows in this photo.

Triple Trouble

And another smattering of zombie couples, families, and umbrella holders.

Assortment of Zombies

Eric Lovelin Photography

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