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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Few More Zombie Details

Photographing zombies at this year's Thrill the World in Chico made me realize that it's a very dissimilar process to actually capturing portraits of "the living." First, I want these individuals to look scary, lifeless, detached. And in post-processing my digital film, they get extra contrast and clarity to bring out those wrinkles, scars, and rotting portions of their faces. When one thinks about beautiful portraits though, the opposite of all of this is true. But that is the reason photographers must think in the moment - to use their camera and artistic eye to interpret scenes the way we're actually experiencing them. I hope you are reliving this wonderful event through these photos.

Scary Sisters

I love how this photo tells enough of the story to be meaningful.
Homage to MJ

The Undead in Chico

Eric Lovelin Photography

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