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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When You've Seen One...

Have you ever noticed that when someone finally points something out to you or you view something for the first time you previously missed, that you'll then notice that thing almost everywhere you go? Think about Magic Eye as a child or learning the difference between their and there in prose. For me, that has to be the recognition of cars, usually sporty or fancy ones. I think it can also happen when you're shopping for something, be it a car (I now see the Toyota Matrix wherever I drive), house, furniture, etc. You just begin to habitually and involuntarily see these things!

Last Saturday I hit up the Lake Oswego farmer's market early in the morning. As I pulled into a parking garage downtown, I positioned my crappy car between two gorgeous and sparkling Porsches. I captured the photo below as I climbed into my car - I had to be discrete so someone wouldn't think I wanted to steal it! Later that morning as I sought a spot at Costco, I waited and eventually took the parking space previously occupied by a Maserati Quattroporte S in granite gray. I attribute a great deal of this influence to Andrew, who would've appreciated these sightings as much if not more than me!

Riding in Style

So what always stands out for you in everyday observations?

Eric Lovelin Photography

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