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Monday, October 12, 2009


After work yesterday, Molly and I set out, cameras in hand, to walk through Bidwell Park. Lower Bidwell Park is full of beautiful vegetation, overgrown deciduous trees, a swimming area named "One Mile," open fields, and a creek that runs through it all. Because of the vast green-ness that encompasses Bidwell Park throughout the summer, we thought it would be the perfect place to capture some vibrant fall colors.

Pink Berry?

Unfortunately, save for a few fallen leaves and the unexpectedly pink stalk of the bush above, Lower Bidwell Park has yet to shift into deep Autumnal colors. It was a minor setback for my photographic opportunities, but I was enjoying the late afternoon walk with Molly nonetheless.

But then it hit me. If I couldn't capture rock-your-world colors, there is still much to photograph at Bidwell Park. I shifted my focus to textures and angles, the subjects best suited for black and white photography. With this in mind, Bidwell Park became a treasure trove of images. Enjoy - lemonade from lemons!


Rose or Pine Cone?

Dog Leg

Eric Lovelin Photography

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