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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Break Your Routine

Routines are comfortable. It's nice to have something expected and stable in your life. At the same time, my daily routine doesn't really lend itself to amazing photographic opportunities. Sure, I take my camera with me to the store and have it with me as I walk through downtown Chico, but I'm not always presented with chances to snap some photographs. Last night, when I was finally home from work, I decided to break from my usual routine of checking email and catching up on the news to walk through the back yard with the dogs and chickens, camera in hand.

It's an interesting time of year here in Chico. It feels almost static. Leaves are startingto change, though most haven't, and not much is really blooming anymore. There's great tension in nature, as if any moment that tightly-stretched space between seasons will just snap and fall will erupt throughout the town in bright ambers and deep reds, fallen leaves, and cool breezes. We're not there quite yet, but soon.

Softly Shifting Colors

Muttley helped Nancy pick tomatoes while Drifter followed the chickens around the yard.

For Me? What are these creatures?

And of course, I captured some of the splendor of fall, only in miniature. Remember, you have to photograph what you have to work with. In this case, it was deep golden light minutes before the sun set and small amounts of vivid colors on fresh leaves.

Resisting Change

Through the Fence

Eric Lovelin Photography

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