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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At Play

Drifter reminded me of something really important the other day. The move and adjustment to California was a bit startling for him. I think he took it like a champ. But he was confused about whether or not he should run free, on his own, through the big fenced back yard instead of waiting to be taken on a walk. And then there was general confusion about why we were living somewhere new. For a bit, he just wasn't the same Drifter - gone were his playfulness and cuddly moments with him. Understandable.

Don't Take My Keys

Recently, I watched Drifter play with his plastic keys, one of his prized possessions and something we love that he chews on instead of our fingers when he gets a bit aggressive. But, as we were getting ready for work and he was getting frustrated because of his separation anxiety, he lost himself in play. It was a good reminder that when life gets the better of you with busy schedules, piles of emails, and juggling many balls before several drop, take some time to go for a walk, take photos, watch a movie, or lose yourself in play.

Lost in Play

Eric Lovelin Photography

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