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Friday, January 27, 2012

Seeing Red

I feel like I've used "Seeing Red" as a blog entry title before. I'm sure I made the remark at that time that I'm not angry about anything nor am I referring to the nickname my friend Chris gave me in graduate school. Instead, I'm excited to share with you all some images from my recent photo walk with the Microsoft Photo Club! We met at Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle and challenged ourselves to photograph this famous space in new and inventive ways.

This new way to shoot the market was to select a color at random (select a card from the hat!) and focus on creative ways to capture that color at Pike Place. Now that doesn't mean photograph everything that's red, but rather to let red inspire you to capture new textures, angles, and creative compositions that highlight that color in some way.

It was a great exercise and I have many more images to share with you in the coming days! The image directly above was one of the first I snapped. While we stood at that famous pig near where they throw fish, I found myself staring at the bold primary colors in this billboard. As soon as I drew red, I knew that I had to capture it - don't those legs just jump off that advertising?
Eric Lovelin Photography
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