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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


What is it that we love most about puppies? Is it their never-ending energy and desire to play? Do we love the mild clumsiness as they still learn how to work all of their legs? Or is it that puppy breath? I suppose that an "All of the Above" option would be most applicable here.

As I've previously mentioned, we had a full house of humans and dogs at the holidays. My future sister-in-law's boyfriend Tyler brought Remy, his beautiful black labradoodle puppy. With a chocolate lab puppy always close by and our stubborn, little cockapoo occasionally getting in the mix, there was much trouble to found and fun to be had. Remy, Birdy, and Drifter (should I call him Drifty for consistency?) discovered things to chew on we didn't even know would be attractive in the house and back yard. But there were also moments, however brief, of peace when I could capture some images of Remy!

Adorable, right?

Eric Lovelin Photography

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