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Monday, January 30, 2012

Too Easy

On my recent photo walk at Pike Place Market with the Microsoft Photo Club, it seemed almost too easy to capture images that were red. After all, anything related to the market would be colored red to match the iconic logo. While there was much to capture colored red, I was challenged to think differently about how to compose and highlight that color.

As we walked outside of the Pike Place Market, I loved the soft rain on this beautifully clean black car. The red of the taillight just popped. And it wasn't even until I got home that I realized the reflection of the market neon in the rear of the car - more red!

While I'm not in love with this image, I do love the dynamic reverse side of the stop sign. I just refused to capture the sign from the front - it seemed too apparent and easy. Nevertheless, from this angle, there is no doubt I was at the market, looking toward the cute shops in Post Alley.
Eric Lovelin Photography

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