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Friday, May 20, 2011

Buy Fresh, Buy Local, Eat Well

In California recently, there has been a huge rise in a commitment to local products. I suppose in many ways this is a return to a specific way of living, when things to be consumed had to be local because food preservation techniques just weren't what they are now. At any rate, I wholeheartedly support the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign, which urges people to connect with growers, food artisans, restaurants, and farmers market retailers to choose taste and freshness first. In addition, these choices keep dollars in your local community, support sustainability and families on farms, and give buyers the opportunity to try new and interesting foods.

But what I love the most about buying fresh and locally is the opportunity to eat well. Check out that bounty in a market basket above! Just last night, we visited the Thursday Night Market in Chico, full of produce from pistachios and strawberries to kale and almonds, farm-fresh eggs, strawberries and cherries, and chives and baby squash. Carrots, red onions, and Spring garlic, oh my. Shopping at the local market helps me to be creative in my food choices, and in turn I happily reward my stomach with some of the most delicious food from the freshest ingredients. Don't forget to start your Saturday with a farmers market near you!

Eric Lovelin Photography


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