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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On My Field Trip

In the time since I've been seriously shooting with my Canon digital SLR, I've been on many photo walks. Some of these have been large-scale organized events either on a local level in Madison or as part of a national day of photo walks. Not only do you get to explore a new location (usually) with people who can chat gear and life, but you are encouraged to be creative, explore new angles, and photograph things you may not normally desire to shoot.

But sometimes you have to find this creativity on your own, when just completing a short photo walk in your own yard between rain showers. In recent posts, you've seen some interesting composition and angles I may not have normally captured, but nothing like today's post. The image below was the last in a series of nature images, standing on the front porch, pretty much done with capturing images for the day. Nevertheless, as I looked up, I felt compelled to properly compose and expose this image to share with you all the beautiful veining in these wet tree leaves.

Green Leaf Veining

Thanks for reading and viewing. I'm happy to be back sharing my images with you all!
Eric Lovelin Photography


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