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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Small Reminder

Isn't it funny how the smallest, most random thing bring with it a flood of previous memories? They're just little reminders of past experiences, joys, triumphs, struggles, friends, and family. Just this past Saturday, while driving to dinner, I was reminded of the days when my sister and I would play with the fancy new phone system at my grandparents' orchard, complete with an intercom feature and sleek black handset. I can't recall what set off the memory but was happy to relay the story--no matter how mundane--to Molly.

What small reminders trigger bigger memories for you? Is it a smell? An action? Or even a sound? Roses will always remind me of my hometown, with Portland often referred to as the City of Roses. But roses also remind me of the beautiful rose bushes outside North Hall, where many of my friends and I lived our sophomore year at Whitman College. All of these little reminders reinforce my belief that life really is in the details. And that's what I try to capture in these fine art photos and when photographing beautiful people in portraits.

Eric Lovelin Photography


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