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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take a Look Around

While on the ferry to and from Bainbridge Island, it was easy to be mystified and mesmerized by the beauty of the Seattle skyline and the majesty of Mount Rainier rising above the south end of Puget Sound. But at the same time--as you'll no doubt notice from reading my blog entry yesterday--there is much more to look at on the ferry (and to photograph) than the landscapes in the distance.

On the way back to Seattle, I turned around coming in to port to see this hip teenage commuter texting shortly before we landed.

Young Commuter

I also love this close landscape shot of some Bainbridge Island waterfront homes that get a daily view of the many ferry landings and also enjoy a gorgeous view of Seattle and Mount Rainier.

Bainbridge Waterfront

Eric Lovelin Photography

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