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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photographing Friends

One of the best parts of going to weddings at my age is reconnecting with friends we only occasionally see or connect with while Facebook stalking. And for me, I loved capturing photos of our friends, many of whom are partnered with other friends. You'll be seeing lots of these in the coming days but I wanted to start with one of Molly's close friends from the early days at Whitman.

Debbie (formally Debrakaye) is one of the nicest and most genuine personalities you'll ever meet. Her passion for sustainability shines through in conversations about organic farming, nutrition, and the outdoors. I love hearing about Debbie's diverse ecological experiences and know that she'll always be curious about my latest exploits as well. Plus, her laugh is just infectious. I think you'll get a sense for it from her smile in this photo.

Debbie and Molly

At Sarah's and Devon's wedding, I wasn't the only one snapping pictures. I glanced over Molly's shoulder at one point before the ceremony to see this aspiring young shutterbug wielding her disposable camera. I couldn't resist snapping her portrait.

Budding Photographer

Eric Lovelin Photography

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