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Monday, August 9, 2010

"On the Good Ship Lollipop"

Lately I've felt an itch to title these blog posts with song titles. When it came to naming a post after a watercraft, Shirley Temple's 1934 hit immediately came to mind. It has nothing to do with the images below nor the experience we had on the Washington State ferries, but I remember seeing the videorecording of Shirley Temple seeing this when I was a child. Also, my sister and I absolutely loved to order the Shirley Temple drink at Mexican restaurants of all places during our childhood.

After poking around Seattle--which I've chronicled in detail throughout the past week--we boarded the Tacoma vessel run by Washington State and headed to Bainbridge Island. I grabbed my camera, outfitted it with a polarizing filter, and headed to the top deck to catch the breeze and enjoy the half hour ride across the sound. I loved looking back at the Seattle skyline while holding Molly close, our first Washington ferry ride and done together!

Skyline with Cruise Ship

While escaping the wind on the deck aboard the Tacoma boat, I saw a passing ferry come into view. I slide down the bench and waited for the other vessel to come into line and finish the composition of this photo. I love the overwhelming symmetry here, but at the same time prefer a bit more unexpectedness and asymmetry in my photos.

Meet in the Middle

I actually snapped this shot aboard the Wenatchee boat back from Bainbridge Island. Here you can see how I framed the side of the wheelhouse in the corner of the image and allowed a great deal of negative space throughout the image in the form of a bright blue sky. I like this the best!


Eric Lovelin Photography

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