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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smart Choices

If you happen to still be watching what you eat after that annual resolution back in January, a trip to a fair or festival like the Waterfront Village at Portland's Rose Festival can be hazardous to your health. Before Molly and I ventured downtown on Saturday night on our "high school date" (think hand holding and strolling before curfew), we knew that such temptations as deep fried Oreos, Elephant Ears, ice cream bars, and gigantic corn dogs would be waiting. To my surprise, the salads we packed for dinner and fresh fruit for dessert didn't disappoint and send me straight for the caramel apple line.

I did spot this lovely health food store down at the Waterfront Village, from which emanated some of the sweetest and most tempting scents that drew many toward them. And the elephant ears inside were the size of an XL pizza...

Hazardous to Your Health

Eric Lovelin Photography

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