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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I would argue that one of the best ways to experience the world is on foot. When Molly and I take the dog on a walk, or just go for one together, it's a chance to slow down, escape my e-mail inbox, take in the details of my surroundings, and have a great conversation with someone I love. Long car rides and power outages come a close second for these quiet and intimate moments.

I recently told you that we took the dog on a walk at the Chico Tree Improvement Center at the south edge of town. It was a warm afternoon, the leaves were changing, and we took our time strolling through nature, chatting with each other and Nancy, and watching the dogs pee, poop, and sniff. I want to share some additional photos from that wonderful walk. If only you could have been there to be a part of our conversation. Instead, you can enjoy what I saw as we walked.

Color Contrast

Bend in the Road
A quiet path in the park.

Sea of Changing Leaves

Don't forget to stop and look up occasionally!
Mesmerized Upward

Eric Lovelin Photography

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