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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Continued

Yesterday's post focused on the activity of distributing candy in downtown Chico. But I think that half the fun of Halloween is getting your costume ready, with all the planning, stewing, buying, and piecing together that occurs even before any planned trick-or-treating or parties. Sometimes you just have to throw something together the morning of the big day, like when I grabbed a map, camera, name badge, fanny pack, and bad sun hat to complete my "tourist" look for work on Saturday. Molly threw on a cowboy hat to match her western-inspired shirt. And Nancy, with lofty plans of being the witch from Wicked, donned a witch's cap with as much black clothing as her closet would allow.

The Good Witch?

For Treat Street, Hanna grabbed an old basketball jersey from the basement while Sierra paired a blue wig with those pants for a complete disco look.

Hanna and Sierra

At night, Molly and I went as Sookie and Bill from HBO's hit show True Blood. After she had pulled back her hair into a ponytail and applied enough red lipstick to fit in in The South, Molly threw on her white t-shirt on which I had ironed the Merlotte's logo, black shorts, and a green waitress apron. I struggled with getting just the right amount of white makeup to look dead, but not like The Joker. Black hairspray, carefully molded fangs, and a bit of stage blood completed my look. We had a great time pretending to be the couple from the show.

True Blood

I'll leave you with an image I titled "Fallen Princess." We have a small collection of items at the store that children left behind in the candy frenzy downtown.

Fallen Princess

Eric Lovelin Photography

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