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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Do It

No, this post has nothing to do with that sportswear giant Nike or with sports in general. Though I would like to send my congratulations to the Yankees and Phillies for a great World Series final. The title of this blog entry actual has to do with me forcing myself to photograph something on a regular occasion. Anyone who's spent anytime on the photo website giant Flickr will notice numerous "365 Projects." These year-long projects require one to take a single photograph each day and post it online.

While I have certainly not met that challenge, I force myself to bring my camera with me and be inspired to capture at least one shot on a semi-regular basis. Though that's a little vague, it's exactly like getting up in the morning and forcing yourself to get to the gym. It's good for you - I promise. And if you're into photography, taking photos on a regular basis can only make you a better and more creative photographer.

After helping get the cheese case set up with new cheeses at work yesterday, I wanted to take some photos. I had captured the following photo on my way back to town from Durham. In fact, I wanted the photo so bad I turned the car around to head back to this aging barn.

Behind the Rusty Door

But one rural photo was not enough. On a walk through the back yard with the dogs, I let my camera guide me through the decaying plants and blooms just holding on. Here are the scenes I saw.


Ready to Plant

Rose Buds

Eric Lovelin Photography

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  1. These are great. I'm doing a 365 right now....you REALLY should! Even if every single photo isn't breathtaking it's actually really fun and enjoyable, and like you said, just do it!