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Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Fresh at the Chico Farmers Market

Things still feel fresh at the Chico Certified Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Early October brought death to Madison's market, with corn dwindling and only meats, cheeses, and gourds left for weekly perusing. But somehow, the fruits and vegetables in mid-November are delicious and seem to have just recently been picked, even though I know that cannot be the case for the strawberries below.

Basket of Strawberries

And I can't wait for the local mandarin orange crop to become even juicier and sweeter as the winter progresses.

Sea of Mandarins

Finally, I have to admit a small amount of devotion to Noble Orchards from Paradise. Laurie Noble loves to talk fruit, and she had the smallest and most delicious nectarines. Right now, Laurie is serving up Pink Lady apples, even in gift boxes for the holidays! She sliced and served them at Christmas Preview last night with Old Quebec Cheddar (aged over 4 years) that we sell at Zucchini & Vine. TASTY!!!

Pink Ladies!

Eric Lovelin Photography

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