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Monday, November 7, 2011

Down for the Count

When Molly and I took Drifter on a walk through Washington Park Arboretum, Molly encouraged me to bring my camera to capture items along the walk. Unless I'm out to specifically capture something or primarily shoot, I tend to try to balance my time between my camera and those around me. And since I've been on lots of these walks with Molly, she now points out things I love to shoot that I may have missed.

Now that doesn't often include leaves on the ground. You may recall that, at one point in time, I compulsively picked up and photographed leaves that had fallen, obsessed with their color, texture, and veining. I only captured on leaf from our trip through the arboretum and think my gaze downward was well worth it. This leaf seems to have fallen a bit before its time, still bright green but now with darkened decay marking the end of this leaf's life.
Eric Lovelin Photography


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