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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanks Hanna!

Drifter received a present in the mail the other day. It's been a rough transition to life in Seattle for our little dog. It's not that he doesn't love the city and isn't adjusting to the drizzle we've had. Instead, it's just a new place, and his separation anxiety kicks into full gear because he's still not sure if this is home.

I think somehow Aunt Hanna knew that Drifter was having a rough time here at home. So in a recent package, she included a little (and extremely thoughtful) toy to help take Drifter's mind of the fact that we occasionally have to leave him home.

He has absolutely loved this toy. It's a bit bigger than his other distractions, but it has a great squeak and lots of corners to chew on and grab when retrieving during fetch. He lovingly gnaws on it, tosses it around, and admires the supportive and encouraging embroidered phrase, "Life is Good."

"Thanks again Aunt Hanna," mutters Drifter, in between chewing, fetching, and just loving his new toy!

Eric Lovelin Photography


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