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Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Range Chicken

Unlike some of the hens you might find at the grocery store labeled free range, the chicken at our house actually has the freedom to roam the property and do as she pleases. She eats bugs out of the garden, yard, and brick patio. And she comes running when she sees someone who might have food scraps from the kitchen for her.

But I dare say she's also a little bit lonely. Almost two years ago, she had 7 sisters. This gang of eight toured the yard together all day, every day, moving as a herd (is there a better technical term for them, like gaggle for geese?), and retiring together to their coop before dusk. But a group of evil raccoons have seen to the diminished number of hens, leaving this lone chick to bond with the cats, dogs, and squirrels in our back yard. She seems content enough, but could certainly do with a little extra chicken company.

Eric Lovelin Photography


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