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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Local Paper

It was a moderately eventful day for me today in the local daily newspaper, the Chico Enterprise-Record. The photo below, of freshly farmed baby artichokes from GRUB just outside Chico, was featured on the front of the Style B section. GRUB stands for Growing Resourcefully United Bellies and it is essentially a nonprofit educating the community of food knowledge and gardening, a CSA with 45 crops, and food cooperative. You can read more about them on their website! Their stall at the Thursday Night Market is an artistic celebration of food: rustic chunks of slate with produce names and prices scribbled on in chalk and beautifully stacked and displayed chives, lettuce, turnips, baby artichokes, and more.

But the local newspaper fun doesn't stop there! Yesterday was a special election here in Chico, where we voted on an ordinance that would move municipal elections from November to the summer. Voter turnout was low, just about 1/3 of all registered voters, which was one of the big reasons opponents of the measure worked for its defeat. Nevertheless, Molly and I fulfilled our civic duty by stopping by the Church on the Esplanade to cast our (quick) votes on this one measure. Local newspaper photographer Ty Barbour was there to capture us as we entered the polling location and it was featured on the front page of today's issue of the Chico Enterprise-Record!

Here's to a good start to the day.

Eric Lovelin Photography


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