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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

For my friends in the midwest, I warn you that you may loathe this post. Because today I'm celebrating the return of the sun to California's North State. And because you're suffering from heat advisories, temperatures in the upper 90s with unbearable humidity. Stay indoors and stay cool. Meanwhile, for those of us on the west coast who have seen far too much rain for one Spring, the sun has returned today with the promise of highs in the 80s! And when I think of sunny, Summer days, my first thought is always one of fresh strawberries, hand picked, juicy, and delicious. Here are some from Chico's Thursday Night Market recently.

Don't you just love how they stand the strawberries in the top of the baskets upside down for a dramatic display? What comes to your mind when you think summer foods? And what is your favorite thing to do with fresh strawberries? Shortcake? Pureed in margaritas? Drizzled with a reduced balsamic? So many options, so little time.
Eric Lovelin Photography


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