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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

When I lived in the midwest, I often asked myself this very question as snow continued to fall well through February and March. The truth is that depending on your geographic location, Spring means very different things. Perhaps it could mean the start of the Great Thaw that almost always guarantees sunnier weather to come. Or perhaps its the appearance of flowers you didn't realize were planted and the blooming of magnolia, quince, and almond trees. If the latter is true, you must be living in my neighborhood. A quick walk to Dutch Bros. Coffee the other day took us past the most delicious smelling almond orchards in partial bloom. And even the plants and trees in the yard are beginning to yearn for something better, something sunnier.

Magnolia Blossom

But don't let that fool you. A storm is set to roll in to Chico tonight and could bring snow to the valley floor. It's unlikely but isn't it fun to dream up such things.
Eric Lovelin Photography


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