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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Scanned

You may have noticed these odd-looking squares all over the place recently. And odds are that unless you have a smart phone, you've probably haven't taken more than one look at these graphics. But we're living in an iPhone-Droid era and marketers understand that consumers, particularly the younger generation of shoppers, are not only never without their phone, they're almost always on their phone. So, in order to get you to connect with their business, check out their latest web page or gadget, or view additional media online, they place these codes on TV commercials, in magazines, and anywhere else you might see it--and scan it.

They're called QR Codes and they look pretty futuristic. I've created a couple to place on fliers and press pieces to help clients connect to my business. Where does the above code take you? I'll tell you the code below sends you to a special section of my website.

Give them a shot and let me know via comments what you think of these technological devices!
Eric Lovelin Photography


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