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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful?

Well not really. It certainly has cooled off a great deal here in Chico, with a high temperatures in the 50s and brisk lows moving down near the upper 20s. But you don't read this blog for the weather, do you? I doubt it. But I'm reminded about the weather for several reasons. Firstly, it signals the changing of the seasons. When I lived in Wisconsin, heavier jackets prompted by plunging temperatures and first snowfall signaled winter, whether it was October or December. Here in Northern California, the changing leaves mark the arrival of Autumn, of course, but winter's characteristics are winds and rain, not cold and frozen precipitation.

So what prompted this weather-related post? A mess of tweets, posts, and Facebook updates from friends in the Pacific Northwest, where cities like Seattle and Portland have received anywhere from a dusting to several inches of snow, an unusual sight for this time of year. Well, for most times of year. Though I won't experience this storm, I'm reminded of a trip home in 2008. I anticipated warmer, rainy weather as a break from Wisconsin's snow, but was treated to over a foot of snow in the Portland metro area. This photograph is from a walk to the grocery store, taken not far from my parents' home. I hope it gets you in the holiday spirit, or at least ready to welcome winter.

Street Landscape

Eric Lovelin Photography


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