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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As many of you know, I celebrated another birthday last Friday. Thank you to each of you who wished me the best on my big day. I enjoyed an evening of $1 bowling, a leisurely day with Molly, and dinner at Tres Hombres, where I ordered the paella. I received some great presents from Molly and family members, including some cozy new LL Bean slippers that are currently snuggling my feet from the below freezing temperatures outside. My father even sent flowers, which I've included here to share with all of you.

Birthday Bouquet

But having a birthday made me think about the act of gift giving. And I've come to this conclusion: at the occasion of celebration, give the gift that is most thoughtful and appropriate, and perhaps not the one you can get at 3 AM on Black Friday or that's all the rage in this or that magazine. Who knows - maybe that hot item is the perfect gift for someone in your life. But whatever you do this holiday season, give with intention. Make something, share a service (think photos or a massage), or coordinate a set of presents. Think outside the box, that one wrapped in beautiful paper with a giant ribbon bow.

Bursting with Blooms

From Dad

Eric Lovelin Photography


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