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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome to Fall

While warm, sunny weather is enjoyable, there are so many things I love about welcoming the transition to Fall. I love pants and sweaters weather, finding my collection of scarves, and Autumn cuisine. Winter squash is pervasive and great sauteed with onions and cooked with other vegetables. Pumpkin is everywhere and couldn't taste better with seasonings like nutmeg and cinnamon or even spicier seasonings. And soon healthy soups and stews will fill family dinner tables hot out of dutch ovens and crock pots. I didn't even mention that the changing colors of Autumn make the lower temperatures worth it.

In this spirit, I've captured a couple photos of a squash I recently bought at the farmer's market. Stay tuned for a delicious Fall Pumpkin Butter later this week. And my photo of it is great!

Spotted Squash

I love the bottom of this squash and how the rays direct your eye through the green to the orange.

Colorful Pumpkin Rays

Eric Lovelin Photography

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