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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Changing Thursdays

Yesterday I listed fondly the reasons I love the change to Autumn. I failed to mention that it also means some things slowly fade, like daylight, warmer weather, and even Thursday Night Market in downtown Chico. I've previously talked about how the evening market is a hotbed of social and commercial activity, a place to see and be seen, and buy and take home.

One of my favorite parts of heading to the Thursday Night Market--which ended at the end of September--is Smokin' Mo's BBQ station. They grill their own meat outside at the market and the smoke and scent of cooking pork floats through the evening air. I've not actually eaten at their cookhouse at the market, but have enjoyed the restaurant in Chico, their delicious chicken and ribs, and their crispy homemade potato chips.

Here's a bit of their Thursday Night Market booth, which instantly brings back the olfactory sensation of walking by their food station. It's also a fun element in their logo!

Smokin' Mo's Piglet

Eric Lovelin Photography

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