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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dogs in Water

Some dogs are drawn to water like a moth to flame. I think of labs and retrievers who would follow any thrown object into a body of water without hesitation and thought. Drifter has not always been attracted to water. Part of that hesitation stems from his lack of introduction to swimming and also from falling into the pool in the back yard during a late night outing for bushes. Lately, though, he loves to get into shallow bodies of water, have a cool drink, and perform his version of dog swimming. Specifically, though, he plunks around, splashing, lifting his legs high as he walks through the water. It's comical but also endearing.

Here's a photo of Drifter "swimming" in Kings Creek Meadow at Lassen Volcanic National Park on Labor Day.

I Got In Daddy!

While at Kings Creek Meadow, we had a great time jumping over the creek at its narrowest and exploring the plants and bugs throughout the meadow. Near the end of the afternoon, Drifter was hesitant to complete the final jump over the creek and head home.

Can't Jump the Creek

Eric Lovelin Photography

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