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Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Elliott

As I've mentioned, one of the most fun things about going to the zoo is the opportunity to pull out that long lens and snap some close shots of animals we don't see every day. But my co-worker Carly also brought her darling child Elliott. Children at the zoo bring a new set of adventures that are spontaneous, creative, and educational. Carly made sure her little tyke pet the goats, slide down the slide inside a log, and could identify and know something about the multitude of animals he saw. Elliott was a joy at the Oregon Zoo and was an excellent intentional and unintentional model for my camera.

Contemplating the Rabbit

A little music making.
Beat the Drum

And I couldn't help putting together this triptych of some poses Elliott struck while chilling in his stroller.
Hamming it up

Eric Lovelin Photography

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