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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Come on ride the train

While at the Oregon Zoo recently, I did something I haven't done in a long time at Portland's zoo. I rode the Washington Park & Zoo Railway train! In fact, last time I think I was on this train, it was for Zoo Lights during a childhood winter when the Oregon Zoo was still the Washington Park Zoo.

The Train

Either way, I was surprised by the simplicity of the train trip. The train just weaves through the zoo and down the hill through the forests of Washington Park. There's not much to see, but it's still a fun trip. As a child, I imagine the clickity-clack of the car on the railway and the joy of being on a train for the first time would have made the trip a great deal more exciting.

Train This Way

We had our own excitement on the train with little Elliott, Carly's darling son. Details are not necessary, but emergencies happen and I've not laughed that hard or long in awhile. Thanks Elliott for being an unapologetic child and just doing your thing. Can't wait to post about you in the upcoming days.

Local Biodiesel Station

Eric Lovelin Photography

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