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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Water Fun

When the sun comes out and the mercury rises in Seattle, you're bound to find tons of people out enjoying any number of bodies of water in the area. Last Saturday afternoon, we stopped by Gasworks Park that overlooks Seattle's Lake Union, the downtown skyline, and Seattle Center with its famous Space Needle. The lake was full of sailboats catching a breeze and even motor boats on their way to Ballard Locks and out to the sound.

But I loved the human-powered water vehicles that were out on the water. The couple below was enjoying their boat for two, the bright sun, and paddling around people watching like us.

Boat for Two

And then there was this couple, out for an afternoon stroll. The only difference between theirs and ours was that they were standing on surf boards and paddling across Lake Union. It looked like an enjoyable afternoon activity, though I imagine that I would have far less success with it.

Saturday Afternoon "Stroll"

Eric Lovelin Photography

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