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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beautiful Girl

Molly and I recently returned from a wonderful weekend in the Seattle area, where we were party to the wedding celebration of Sarah Bassuk and Devon Mundal, friends from college. I've just now had the opportunity to look at photos from the weekend generally and the wedding specifically. There will be many to come in the following days featuring friends, outdoor pursuits, landscapes, and loved ones.

This was the first photo I came across in the bunch that I had to edit. Molly and I spent a portion of our Saturday afternoon outside in the warm sun at Seattle's Gasworks Park. People sunbathed, boats sailed, bicycles zipped through the park, and kites soared above the park's "Kite Hill" in the stiff breeze. Molly humored me by stepping against a gritty cement wall and providing a gorgeous smile.

Molly - Gasworks Park

When I first saw the photo, I thought of John Lennon's 1980 song "Beautiful Boy" as performed in the film Mr. Holland's Opus, with the gender-specific noun replaced of course. Isn't Molly the most beautiful girl in this photo? As I thought more about my immediate reaction to Molly's beauty, I recalled a prominent line in the song: "Every day in every way / It's getting better and better." This line perfectly describes my relationship with my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl, whom I love more and more each day.

Eric Lovelin Photography

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