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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Music at the Market

One of the greatest parts of heading to a farmer's market is that there are usually one or two groups of market musicians ready and willing to entertain you with instrument case open. While the music can vary from inventive and great to just interesting or even awful, these musicians are almost always characters worth watching. In fact, except for several child violinists with eager parents standing close by I saw at the Madison Market, I would argue that market musicians are almost always guaranteed to entertain, be it for all the right reasons or not. They're worth stopping to listen to, watch, and admire for their tenacity and perseverance. After all, street music is a tough gig.

Market Musician

I saw a trio at the Portland Farmers Market with guitar, washboard, and baritone sax. I was intrigued by the combination and enjoyed their jam band sound and style. But I love brass instruments that have had their lacquer stripped - they seem rustic and hip all at the same time. So I share the above image with you to celebrate these musicians.

Eric Lovelin Photography

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