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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And Dessert?

While at the Portland Farmers Market on Saturday, I wandered by a booth with fresh eggs and cheese. Having gathered fresh eggs from Nancy's chickens and worked the cheese counter at Zucchini & Vine, I naturally was inclined to stop and look at the offerings. It was an odd coincidence when the owner of Jacobs Creamery recognized me as a former high school classmate.

Lisa, of Jacobs Creamery, makes a variety of dairy products and sells them at local markets, including Portland, Hollywood, Hillsdale, Milwaukie, and more. Some of the offerings I saw were several cheese varieties, both European and Greek yogurts, ricotta, crème fraîche, and some of the most delicious pudding I have ever tasted. I felt compelled to pick up one of Lisa's vanilla puddings, a rich custard of egg yolks, milk, and fresh vanilla. It was the perfect dessert on Saturday evening.

You can visit Lisa's developing website here. But my best recommendation would be to stop and see her and sample her delicious dairy products at any number of markets in the Portland metro area. Lisa's offerings are incredibly local, made with fresh jersey cow milk, and you can truly taste the difference!
Eric Lovelin Photography

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  1. Oregonians should really learn how to spell Milwaukee.