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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Visit a Park!

Until Molly and I had Drifter, I don't think I had visited a park in some time to just be in a park. Sure, the occasional summer barbecue happened at a neighborhood park, but when you have a dog, you go to a park for the park. We recently visited a small park in the much larger Washington Park in Portland. This park, nestled atop one of many mini-hills in the bigger West Hills, has a great view of downtown Portland, a decent obelisk as a monument to the Lewis & Clark expedition, and a variety of seating locations great for warm summer days.

But our trip was a bit rainy, since it is winter in the Rose City. The wetness of the massive trees and green grass brought a different character to the park, one uniquely empty for a moderately nice afternoon. For me, I couldn't help but capture children's play equipment left vacant, cold, and wet. This photo of two swings doesn't necessarily spell misery, but to me it certainly seems a bit lonely.

Lonely Seats

And this slide has been around long enough to become weathered and rusted, though it still stands as a perfectly good device for afternoon fun for children of all ages.

Neglected Fun

So when did you last visit a park and why? What is it that you love most about the nuggets of recreational fun, be it for walking, playing, sports, or barbecuing?
Eric Lovelin Photography

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  1. Great photos of moss, again. The greenery in the swings picture makes it seem the opposite of melancholy to me.

    I last visited a park so the dog could pee. But I'm a fan of recreational outdoor basketball courts with chain nets.