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Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's in the Details!

I think one of the keys to getting better at photography is simply to figure out what you like to photograph and what you have an "eye" for photographing. Now hopefully these two share some intersection. If they don't, do not worry, because the joy of photography is that you can always learn new things, new equipment, new styles of shooting, and new places to experience through your lens.

For me, recently, I love shooting the details of an object. Sure, I love a great skyscraper and the awe that a landscape can inspire, but more often I love the tease, a chance to imagine the whole from a part. Take my recent time at Washington Park as an example. On the hill near the swings and slide I wrote about yesterday, there was a large column with a square base featuring the seals of four Northwestern states frequented by Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Sure, I could've taken a photo of it (and I did), and then posted it here, but the fun in that experience will forever be triggered by the following photo. It begs questions like, "Where was this taken?", "What did that base support?", and "How cool is that little swirly thing?" Ok, that last one isn't really a question, but it would definitely come up in conversation about this photo.

Base of the Column

And I'm always looking for things that others might not readily see, because part of successfully photography is finding an edge and a "voice," and I think mine is partly in the details that invite imaginative thinking. With that, I'll leave you with this leaf that is one of my new favorites.

Fallen Comrade

Eric Lovelin Photography

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