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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Temptation (Giving In To)

When I was recently in Portland for the holidays, the weather was not exactly agreeable to outdoor photography. In fact, it was down right nasty at times, windy, rainy, soggy, and disgusting. It was the kind of weather we're currently experiencing in Chico, the gray gloom that signals an afternoon on the couch with a blanket and a good book. Nevertheless, Molly and I ventured out as often as possible, hoping for breaks in the rain and a little bit of favor from the weather gods.

After our mid-day tram ride into the clouds, we stopped to warm up at a café near the tram station at the South Waterfront area. Because it was pouring, all I wanted to do was get from one covered place to another. But sometimes you have to overcome one desire to give in to another temptation. In this instance, I just had to stop in the pouring rain to pull out my camera and snap these glistening metal fire valves, freshly adorned with a multitude of rain drops.

Rain on Metal

I think you'll agree that the stop was worth it. I love the above photo in black and white, which emphasizes the cold metal and the fresh rain drops. Below, I let the image in color to capture that "fire engine" red of the valve screw.

Water Not Needed

Lesson learned: when all common sense tells you to go about your normal behaviors, give in to your photographic temptations. It might just pay off.
Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. Another gorgeous black and white photo! What do you use for your b/w conversions? I think I remember you writing about it at one point, but I couldn't find it in your blog archives.

  2. Dave - I use Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro. Among others, it is a plug in for Photoshop that allows for very specific conversion, with many presets and the ability to place points around a photo and specify brightness, contrast, and structure. A must for B&W lovers!