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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses?

Well not quite. Except for the few buds hanging on in the front garden, I haven't seen roses in awhile. But on my way to work yesterday, walking from the parking lot to the store with Molly, I did stop occasionally to pick up leaves. It was the perfect Autumn morning. We had just perused the Farmer's Market, picked up some fresh apples and baked goods, and were on our way to work. With the crisp Fall air blowing the leaves about, my eyes were instantly attracted to the ground, where I was compelled to pick up some of the nicer leaves that had yet to decay or blow away. Here is my prize Saturday leaf, photographed at the store.

Red Delicious

And one in black and white of that leaf and it's smaller cousin.

Leaf Siblings?

Eric Lovelin Photography

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