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Monday, November 9, 2009


Graduating from Whitman was a big celebration. Family, friends, parties, late nights, early mornings, announcements, robes. It represented the culmination of years of study and hard work, new friendships, and immense personal development. It was a moment I certainly will always cherish and remember.

I just received my diploma in the mail for my Masters of Arts degree in Music Theory from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But this was different. No pomp and circumstance. Just lots of hard work, eye strain from computer work, and even more new friendships. I had planned on staying for a PhD, but a break for reading, catching up, and Molly's new plans was necessary. So no cap and gown or long procession. Just a few congrats from friends and family and an 8x10 envelope from Madison with instructions for the Postal Service not to bend. But the sense of accomplishment is the same. And it's also reinvigorating for my future studies and hopeful third degree.

Eric Lovelin Photography